LASIK may Offer You a Better Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses

How good are my chances of attaining perfect vision after LASIK?

Everybody asks this question, that is, everyone who is interested in LASIK (Laser in-situ Keratomileusis). However, it is not possible to answer this with absolute certainty in advance. The post-operative result, and particularly the satisfaction of the patients depend on several factors.
Scientific studies generally publish results by giving data of the post-operative visual acuity without correction, and then also with the best correction. Besides that, testing is done in increments in order to examine the stability of the result (immediately after surgery, up to one year after the operation). Almost all studies unanimously show good results when the PRK and LASIK are used for mild to average myopia (up to maximum of –10 diopter. Thus the following applies: the lower the myopia, the more dependable is the result). If an astigmatism is present, this can also be treated. The strength then influences the total result. More...

How safe is LASIK surgery?

LASIK is safe. If the indication is applied correctly and the procedure performed by an experienced surgeon with an up-to-date laser system, complications occur in less than 1 %.
However, undesired side effects can put a damper on the newly acquired visual acuity of 100%. This includes the presence of halos, double vision, as well as increased sensitivity to glare, which can lead to problems with driving at night. A more detailed explanation of possible risks and complications can be found here.

To have LASIK or not to have LASIK

This decision cannot solely be based on the severity of the visual impairment. The preliminary examination by the ophthalmologist should also include various special examinations such as:
• cornea topography (mapping of the cornea surface condition)
• determination of the cornea thickness via ultra sound
• measuring the pupil diameter at dusk and in the dark
With these test results on hand, an experienced surgeon can accurately answer your questions.

Where to have surgery?

At the FreeVis LASIK Center at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim highly specialized ophthalmic surgeons under the leadership of Professor Michael Knorz, MD. Professor Knorz who introduced the LASIK procedure in Germany and founded the FreeVis LASIK Center Group, is an internationally recognized surgeon. In 2005, he was voted one of the "TOP 50 Opinion Leader" for outstanding contributions and leadership in the fields of cataract and refractive surgery.

The University Eye Clinic Mannheim has been offering refractive eye laser surgery since 1993. Today, the entire spectrum of refractive surgery is offered, enabling our doctors to consult with and help patients with complex refractive errors. Our clinic is one of the first in Germany to offer the Femto-LASIK with the Intralase femtosecond laser.

Please visit our Website at for extensive information about our LASIK Center, our team, and the procedures we offer.

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